While Rogue One is not what one would call a feminist movie, there was one aspect of it that was very progressive: Jyn taking up her father’s fights. Frequently in fiction female characters are shown looking for replacements for their fathers, someone who they can rely on to take up the fight, rather than shouldering that burden themselves. Think of Trinity from the Matrix films, Arwen of the Lord of the Rings, and of course Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy. Jyn starts out this, useful to the rebellion only as a messenger, but after the death of her biological father, her character undergoes a change. She no longer just passively accepts the wishes of the rebellion but fights them as her fathers would have, even resorting to insubordination and self-sacrifice to achieve her goals. In doing so Jyn becomes the heir to her family’s will and a protagonist on par with Luke and Anakin. This vision of female empowerment is unusual and refreshing in an environment that frequently portrays women’s self-actualization as acts of rebellion against, or abandonment of, heritage.

What did you think of Jyn’s decision? Let me know in the comments.

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